2Q 2017

Increasing Trust ~ Exploding Goodness

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”  It was bittersweet.  I posted this the day after John moved to Colorado.  Delightful memories, challenging and engaging discussions and healing moments underscored by the kindness of God revealed in conversations – especially those sprinkled throughout the last weeks.  Although I miss his company, I know all is as it should be.  He was set up well with job and housing before leaving and is doing great among friends (Glory to God!).  I enjoy the empty house now.  And without any tenants I shout out declaring the word of God ~ earnestly expanding prayers for others, bringing heaven to earth, changing the atmosphere.  I like it.  I am so grateful for the lessons that made this new season possible.  More joy.  Less anxiety.  Woot!!

Years from the first outcry, “How will you protect them?” “Can I trust You?” the Lord has been a thorough Teacher.  Life’s lessons uncovered anxiety rooted in a mindset that agreed with a worldly perception of experiences.  God’s patience and compassion are difficult to describe considering the repeated testing.  He has mercy for our misery, yet He is relentless, permitting no rivals. He had compassion for my misery as a consequence of my sin (WOW!), and all the while knowing that I was choosing to trust my proud arguments over His truth and perspective?  That’s love. “There’s no wall He won’t kick down.  No lie He won’t tear down, coming after me… O the overwhelming, never ending, reckless love of God.  It chases me down. Fights till I’m found, leaves the ninety-nine…”  A precious treasure beyond my understanding most of the time.  It is a pursuit of my heart like I’ve never known.  I will forever desire to rest in it.  Does your lens need an exchange?  You can have one.  Check your language.  The words we use… they are our first clue.

“Keep thy eye (perception) single and thy whole body will be full of light.”             Mt. 6:22; Lk 11:34

It is the goodness of the Lord that leads to repentance; a turning, changing the way we think; agreeing with God, looking at experiences from the Kingdom’s perspective, through a lens of possibility.  Much can be said on this, but I’ll leave it here.

May we be caught bringing the goodness of the Lord   into the land of the living. 


April / May / June

In April I began working on the (very) large project of creating voiceover videos of the CIAR training.  For a limited time the videos that have been created to date are available as samples for your review, please see right.  Thus far, I am only through the introduction. After this update goes out I’ll start working on Neurobiology.  As you see, the last three videos aren’t showing their proper thumbnail to look like the rest…  I’ll be working to correct this, but don’t know if it’ll be fixed before sending.

This video project has been a long standing desire and prayer request to provide awareness of Biblical and clinical, trauma model, sexual addiction recovery on a global scale.  I realize this vision is grand, but the vision has always been larger than life.  I trust God to continually refine all vanity from His ordained plans to educate and equip those in recovery, those that love them and others who desire to help and bring freedom anywhere and everywhere.

In the United States we are blessed with many recovery resources. This is not the case around the world.  L.I.F.E. Recovery International has workbooks translated in Chinese, Arabic, Spanish and Russian and I am compelled to do all that the Lord will allow to bring this material to those in need and Scripture says He’ll give us the nations.  I’ve adopted this saying, “I refuse to let budget determine vision”.

The video project will take some time, but that’s God’s deal.  The CIAR material consists of two full days; fourteen hours – in four segments to be sliced and diced into smaller subsections for today’s short attention span population.

Curious about the Video Process? I record (and often re-record) my voice teaching each section, instructors notes are inserted for closed caption and future translation capability; then video software records voice and slideshow flow, add additional graphics (where needed) and hyperlinks for outside resources or recommended reading.  

Once the recording is made then editing begins. Add music to intro and close; cut, splice, dice… into the final product.  What you see to the right are public samples available for a limited time.  Once the entire project is completed, I plan to create snippets of each segment for promotional use.  Please join me in prayer that the Lord will anoint the material, that its content will remain relevant and foundational.

New Partnerships Coming

A few weeks ago I met with the CEO of Alliance for Freedom, Restoration, and Justice Inc. (AFRJ).  Rejoice! Praise the Lord!! FMM was invited to provide the CIAR training content on their global human trafficking website.  Once approved, this partnership will be one way to get the the information to the global market!

FMM has 900 update subscribers ~ Could you support FMM???

@ $5 a Month

Godly Goals vs. Godly Desires*   

What’s the difference?

Seems I tend to circle the mountain a bit and then the Lord kindly says, “Enough!”  I’ll be upfront with you, the last lesson was painful.  I’d dug trenches circling that mountain and had become quite comfortable in my rut.  Yet the discomfort is not without purpose.

A godly desire is a result that depends on the cooperation of others and a godly goal reflects God’s purpose for your life and is NOT dependent on people or circumstances.  If you boil that down, as a follower of Jesus, the only goal God has for you is to conform you into the image of His Son.  Anything outside of building His characteristics in you is a desire, not a goal.

One goal.  One.

Christ-likeness: exhibiting love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness and temperance… self-control.  Period.  End of discussion.

Anything else on the agenda, no matter how godly it may be, is a desire and requires on the cooperation of others.  I can’t make desires happen on my own.  No matter how excellently I push that rope… I cannot control it.  I have one task.  This has “eaten my lunch”… “read my mail”… “took me to task”… Ever. Since. Becoming. Aware. Of. It.

You’re welcome.

One goal; Christ-likeness.  As followers of Jesus, we have godly callings and ambitions that require the cooperation of others and, inevitably, each encounter offers seemingly endless opportunities to yield and become more like Him.  FYI – it isn’t the smooth and easy going encounters that refine us. It’s in the fire with difficult people and circumstances that tests the work.

Rejoice and be glad!  He is WONDERFUL and He lives in us; He aims to pour His goodness through us spilling over onto those in our midst!  Thy kingdom come Papa, Thy will be done.

*Victory Over Darkness, Neil Anderson

FMM History (2007 – 2017)

CIAR Tips and Certificates

Spirit, Soul & Body Introduction

Addiction Defined

Bowen Theory and Epigenetics

Sexual Addiction is Multi-Faceted

Update by Initiative

Making a Difference in our Generation

Forgiven Much Ministries (FMM)

Chattanooga’s Westside

Since September FMM has come alongside other ministries working in Chattanooga’s Westside to bring addiction recovery directly into the community.  These ministries have been bringing Jesus into this community for years with weekly bible studies for adults and children, as well as other activities like Christian retreats and kickball games intentionally being the hands and feet of Jesus.   I am excited to invest into this community planting seeds of God’s highest and best.  I am impressed to start with a monthly Addiction/Recovery Forum.  Please cover this movement in prayer. Pray for their vision, purpose and a desire to be sober; to become all that God has ordained them to be.  Free from bondage!

E4HI, Education for Healthy Intimacy Skills

E4HI is now accepting registration applications for its September 16th class.  As an approved program for the state of Florida, we are receiving inquiries from other parts of the state.  This is exciting news as we prepare for E4HI’s replication phase.  

Please ask the Lord to fill the September class to capacity!  

There’s always something to do. The participants workbook has a few remaining additions before publication process can begin. Please pray that everything is ready before September.  Thank you!

Demand Reduction (DR) Initiatives

Committed volunteers are needed to communicate DR initiatives in local communities i.e. speaking in churches/faith communities about DR strategies including the implementation of buyers’ schools (for purchasers of adult commercial sex) which funnel participants toward local support groups for further healing on the recovery journey.  Every community needs more L.I.F.E. Recovery Groups and could benefit from CIAR Training to provide a biblical and clinical foundation of the addictive condition and the healing journey. 

GOHTTF (Orlando) – DR Subcommittee:

As E4HI (our buyers’ reform school for purchasers of adult commercial sex) begins its pilot phase, the Demand Reduction focus returns to the subcommittee and implementing the next initiative to build the General Population Presentation (GPP).  The GPP addresses both the public and faith community on its attitudes and actions that fuel sex trafficking.  The GPP effort, along with FMM’s training that plants sexual addiction L.I.F.E. Recovery Groups and E4HI’s buyer reform efforts, offer what we believe to be a comprehensive community strategy to end human trafficking.  If you are interested in joining this DR initiative please send us an email.  Click here for GOHTTF’s website.

GHTTF (Georgia Statewide):

In 2017 we will build on our 2016 human resources project with BEST Alliance and combine efforts with Alliance for Freedom, Restoration, and Justice Inc. (AFRJ) to host another fall Lunch N Learn connecting more Atlanta businesses with AFRJ’s comprehensive network of local and nationwide vetted organizations that provide services to train, mobilize and match the like-minded abilities and interests.

I am holding out for GHTTF’s 2018’s DR project to be more inline with FMM’s call. I stated my desire for the workgroup to consider capturing data on societal attitudes and actions that fuel sex trafficking for the purposes of creating a platform to interrupt society’s cycle and reduce its hypersexualized appetite.  I firmly believe it is time to confront society (in a digestible way) with its hypersexual appetite and the empirical data on the psychological, neurological, biological and social aspects of buying and selling sex. Please pray this through!  If you would like to launch a similar program in your community, please email FMM.

CCAHT (Chattanooga Coalition)

We are plowing ground in Chattanooga to launch the same strategy as in Orlando.  But first, we need a core team to join the work group.  Second, we need the faith community to start L.I.F.E. Recovery Groups for post E4HI participants to attend voluntarily, and while we’re doing this we’ll train local clinicians to instruct the E4HI program.  Lots of steps in between that are not listed but you get the idea.   If you are interested in joining the initiative please send us an email.  Click here for CCAHT.

Praises & Prayer Requests

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thess 5:16-18

This little kid goat illustrates the word REJOICE! Be glad, gladness, as a kid goat frolicking in the field.  I say, let us rejoice ALWAYS in the LORD!

The above L.I.F.E. Recovery video is from an Affiliate Training that I was blessed to facilitate in Miami in 2012.  What a fabulous group of men and women set to make a kingdom difference, praise the Lord!

Jehovah Jireh – the Lord Provides!!



  • I remain jubilant over the conversations with my son before he moved.  The Lord graciously allowed me to hear his comments relative to a prodigal turning.  I continue to pray that he and his friends’ names are written in the Lamb’s book of life!
  • I love the engagement and desire that my grandchildren express when attending church with me.  I praise God for His softening their hearts.
  • AFRJ’s invitation for FMM to place the CIAR training on its website
  • SM’s lessons learned and desire for obedience
  • The Lord’s prompting supporters to give to FMM, thank You Lord
  • Stories of God’s faithfulness and the continued growth of those on the recovery journey
  • SM’s housing and living expense provision for July – without tenants
  • JOIN ME in declaration: The Lord’s favor is upon us – People are supportive of sexual addiction, trauma model, recovery!

Prayer Requests       



  • Videos: Please ask the Lord to annoint the CIAR training videos that they remain relevant and foundational and are used to bring freedom around the world.
  • Established partnership with AFRJ that makes CIAR videos available worldwide
  • E4HI: For September’s class in Orlando to be filled to capacity.
  • SM: I am war-ing for single vision.  Please pray that my perception would be clear, the Kingdom’s perspective and my whole body shall be full of light. – Mt 6:22
  • SM: That I would have increased generosity. – Luke 6:38
  • SM: Continued spiritual and emotional growth for family.
  • SM: That the water run off and erosion issues on my property are remedied
  • Please ask the Lord to increase FMM’s donations monthly by $350 for SM salary increase for utilities and other expenses.
  • Grant us, O Lord, all that You have ordained for the work of our hands to glorify Your great name!  You withold no good thing to those who walk uprightly.  May we walk in Your character and claims!

Chattanooga – Westside L.I.F.E. Recovery Groups

  • Please pray for the Lord to raise up the right group facilitators (one male and one female) who are nourished by the Word and the love of God in all they do
  • For the Westside community to embrace addiction recovery and the L.I.F.E. Recovery Groups


Lord of the harvest, Mt 9:37-38 – Ask the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest. Thank Him for raising up co-laborers in the field, their desire for CIAR training and selfless giving of time, talents and treasures to plant L.I.F.E. Recovery Groups around the world.


MONTHLY CONTRIBUTIONS:  Please continue to lift up FMM’s financial needs.


He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your store of seed and will increase the harvest of your righteousness. 2 Cor. 9:10


Every victory and ministry advancement is a direct result of your sowing into God’s kingdom work through FMM.  All financial gifts are invested directly into the ministry.  FMM is a 501c3 charitable organization and your gifts are tax deductible.  To join this work, you may send monthly checks to FMM PO Box 22551, Chattanooga, TN 37422 or by setting up electronic monthly or one time contributions at http://www.forgivenmuchministries.org/partner/.


The favor of God is with us!


May the Lord richly bless you in all you do and may He be glorified by the work of our hands.  Thank you for your prayers; you are a blessing to me and the work of this ministry! Please let me hear from you!  If you would like to be included on the weekly prayer distribution list please email us.  Thank you!


CIAR Training Impact

“A very good training!  Gives us tools for a better comprehension of the addiction problem.” – Guatemala

“After attending FMM’s CIAR training, I understood the factors that can trigger the cycle of addiction such as low self-esteem, anxiety, guilt, sadness, anger and worry.  I discovered my triggers for sexual addiction has been loneliness, anxiety and worry.  This training helped me identify heavily damaged areas affected early in my life by my cycle of sexual addiction.  I understand how mood disorders affect brain chemicals and only by seeking the help of God in addition to being in a support group is it possible to treat sexual addiction.  The CIAR training really helped me a lot for continue healing.” – I.M., Guatemala

“This training was a blessing to many of us, especially for me because God spoke to my heart very strong about facing my family to restore my relationship with them. I was afraid, but one thing I learned was to surrender all my fears to God before I face my family.  I did so.  Glory to God!  I had great results, it was not easy.  It hurt my heart to see how they were affected but when we decide to obey God, He is the one who takes care of everything else.  Doing this gave me more freedom in my life.

Also, something else that shocked me was learning on how addiction affected my brain. At some point, I got a little desperate because that day I felt I could not hold any more information about how my brain was damaged. It was clear to me that the enemy has many ways to destroy lives, especially during childhood because of our innocence. I prayed that same moment, to ask God to help me because if I struggle with my own strength I could not make it. Sue taught us that there is hope to restore our brain by renewing our minds in God’s word, praying, having a good diet, exercise, and sharing our struggles with others so they can help us. Not everything is lost, there is hope in God, and He has prepared us to make changes for ourselves and future generations.  Sue’s testimony was a blessing for my life, may God continue using her life to help others.” – Beverly Xiloj, Guatemala

“FMM’s CIAR training opened my eyes to understand my own struggles. For many years, I blamed myself for the pain that I was feeling but during the training, I decided to be patient with myself.  God is still working in me.” – Laura M., Guatemala

No doubt this training on trauma made me think about my process and why I started in all this. The trauma comes much beyond what we believe led us to some addiction, the trauma comes from some experience, a situation that marks our life and that we have not yet been able to overcome. I have learned a lot about this issue and now I can help women get to the bottom of addiction and start the recovery cycle together. Give what you have received by grace.”A, Guatemala

“Enlightening conference with lot of ground to talk about.  Excellent and complete information on trauma, addiction and recovery.” – Guatemala

“The only thing I can say is your seminar has changed my life. Since then I have enrolled in school, become deeply connected with my sons emotions (at least I think), and have become a ruthless but gentle evangelist for the recovery of sex addiction!” – Robert B., Georgia

“I attended one of your training sessions at Florida Abolitionist headquarters.  Thank you for your continued work.  There are so many who need your help.  Don’t give up.  I really believe your ministry is going to grow, and grow and grow!” – MA, central Florida

Forgiven Much Ministries, Inc.

PO Box 22551 Chattanooga, TN 37422